Saturday, January 29, 2011

MD vs. Veterinarian

What would a MD and a veterinarian say to each other? You should watch this video. This is a very funny clip about the true realitiy among veterinarians. We are trained to do a lot and expected to do even more. Please enjoy!

MD vs. Veterinarian

A sad reality, it is 2011 and I still get to see a lot of raptors that have been shot.

 Hawktalk, a rescue group that works with raptors, brought this red shoulder to me because he was unable to fly. The xrays revealed that the bird has been shot. Unfortunatelly, one of the pellets caused a fracture of the right radius.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reptile Show - Repticon Atlanta

Location: Gwinnett County Fairground
Time: 9:00AM Saturday, January 29th
Southeastern Mobile Vet, LLC. Come meet Dr. David Martinez at Repticon Atlanta on Saturday 29. Dr David Martinez would be performing health certificates for the outsate vendors at the event. The event is one of the largest in Georgia. I will be there, as always, to answer any questions you may have about these unique exotic pets.

Southeastern Mobile Vet NEWS

Southeastern Mobile Vet is officially now open and ready to take care of your pets and animal collections. Call us now at 678-710-8387 or visit us at our website to make an appointment.