Thursday, January 29, 2015

Zeuterin is a novel and all natural injectable way to neuter your male dog without the need for anesthesia and anesthesia. The important health benefits of this more novel technique of castration is that your dog retains 40-50% of testosterone instead of none as with surgical castration. This important hormone has been demonstrated to play critical role in the health of your male dog affecting metabolism, muscle tone and physiological processes. This procedure is done in less than 10 minutes and without the need for anesthesia or surgery. Please call us today for more information about Zeuterin or watch the promotional video below.

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Get your male dog neutered for $ 99.00 using a safe and permanent procedure. The FDA approved injection, called Zeuterin™ requires NO surgery nor anesthesia. Your dog will walk out of the clinic soon after he is Zeutered. He will also be eligible for reduced licensing fees, like all dogs that are neutered.

The entire procedure, including recovery, takes about an hour. A sedative is given to facilitate the procedure. It is performed by an experienced and licensed veterinarian. There is minimal pain or discomfort throughout the entire procedure. All dogs will be screened to ensure Zeuterin is appropriate for them. To learn more, go to

For additional information and to schedule an appointment, please call Dr. David Martinez, DVM at
Cumming Veterinary Clinic.

To learn more about Zeuterin™, go to

Important Safety Information: Zeuterin™ is an FDA approved prescription drug available only to licensed veterinarians. The safety and effectiveness of Zeuterin™ has been established in dogs 3 months of age to 10 months of age. In a field study with 270 dogs, 6.3% of dogs had adverse reactions at the injections site and systematic reactions. In only 2.6% of treated dogs the Zeuterin™ injection was observed to be painful. The most commonly reported systemic reactions to the Zeuterin™ injection were neutrophilia, vomiting, anorexia and lethargy. The most severe reactions occurred when dogs bit or licked the scrotum following injection. These were observed in fewer than 1% of dogs. For complete product disclaimer and information please visit