Sunday, April 3, 2011

Amicalola deer park

We had a great day at Amicalola Deer Park. Amicalola Deer Park is located in Dawsonville, GA. We performed physical examination on all of the dogs at the park. There were 4 Great Pyrenees and 4 wolf hybrids. The director at the park told us that they use the wolf hybrids for marking the perimeter with urine to keep away smaller wild predators away from the park.

The park is amazing as well as their spirit to help the community. Other animals at the park are: goats, llamas, emus and, of course, tons of deer. There are also some potbellied pigs and two ponnies!


There are three deer species at the park: fallow, sika and white tailed deer. Of which, fallow deer clearly outnumber the other two deer species.

I will share more details soon about the park and their residents!

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